Checklist for Patients

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When facing a planned stay at one of our hospitals you may find yourself feeling uncertain and concerned about several things. With this checklist indicating what to bring with you we hope to offer you some support.

  • identity card
  • health insurance card
  • regulation on hospital treatment given by your family doctor
  • previous reports / doctors' letters
  • knowledge of meeting the costs by your health insurance (concerning insurant of statutory health insurances)
  • x-ray registration card and allergy pass (if available)
  • Patient Decree (if available)
  • clothes (slippers, bathing gown, sleepwear)
  • glasses, hearing aid, amputation appliance, walking frame
  • bathroom accessories and toiletries
  • books, writing utensils, music
  • a little bit of cash (for example for buying a phone card)
  • addresses and telephone numbers of family members and friends

Checklist for parents/guardians

When your child comes to us for a planned stay there are several things you should bring. Please help us and think of:

  • hospital admission (for stationary and day-clinic treatments)
  • referral (for ambulatory treatments)
  • insurance card
  • the yellow prophylaxis booklet
  • vaccination card
  • medical reports
  • X-rays
  • medications
  • pyjamas
  • personal clothes
  • favourite toys and books

Generally, we appreciate if your child gets presents from visitors. Nevertheless, in some cases these presents can have a negative impact on the healing process — for example sweets or other food products. Please contact the doctor in charge whenever you feel unsure.